Diner Drugs Bring An Enthusiastic Mix Of Metal, Hardcore & Punk With Their New Single “This War” Diner Drugs
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Take everything you like about stoner metal and mix in a little punk & hardcore and you have Diner Drugs, a perfect blend of musical sensibilities

Diner Drugs sounds like everything I loved about late 90’s hardcore punk shows. It’s a good mix of metal, punk and hardcore but with a melodic vocals sort of in a Rise Against vein. The band cites Cancer Bats, Dead Quiet and Mokomakai as more modern influences. However I definitely hear some old school influence of bands like Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All but definitely with way more polished production.

The band says of their sound that “Diner Drugs is a four-piece stoner metal punk crew, born out of a desire to defeat the boredom of east coast living. Diner Drugs is fast, loud and are always keen to turn up the heat with catchy choruses and deep vocal harmonies while sticking to their deep stoner metal roots.” I think whether you are into hardcore, punk or maybe even doom metal as old as Sabbath, you can find some element of this that you enjoy. It’s fast, loud and catchy as hell, so what more could you want?

Their newest single and video gives you a great glimpse into the band. I love the sense of humor, especially the part where the band member removes his sunglasses to reveal another set of sunglasses as each member is giving their input on what the music video for the single ought to be. It ends as you’d expect with band members in a fist fight which is truly the most realistic depiction of all bands trying to decide on what the video should be about.

The band had this to say about the song itself: “This is the first single off of our latest EP titled “42”. We are proud of this loud and driving track, complete with catchy choruses and an epic, heavy ending. This song features powerful vocals, with lyrics warning about the dangers of assuming things will work out for the best, without cautiously preparing for the worst. So much hard work from so many people went into this, it’s loud and fast and we hope everyone digs it.”

The band will be on tour throughout Canada later this year as the release of the full EP nears.

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