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Label: Century Media Records
Reviewed by thebronx
There is no mistaking Witchery from the rest of today's music. Forming from bands like "The Haunted", and "Arch Enemy". Witchery coming straight out of Sweden to show everyone what they can do.

Sprouting out of my Black Metal roots I have come to see a trend in the genre. What is that trend exactly? Well.. Nothing, every band has its own influence and its own way of showing their dark side. Track one "Disturbing The Beast" starts off with slow low tone drum beats and slowly just damages your eardrums. Lead vocalist Toxine really uses his groan to take anyone listening to this album by the hand and introduces him to the darkness his lyrics exude. Every song on this album piles on top of each other like a pile of bones in hell. Honestly, the album is packed with good songs but my favorite track comes around track seven. Bringing out why Metal is Metal; the guitar mixes of Patrick Jensen and Richard Corpse bouncing riff for riff guitar solo after guitar solo really makes me appreciate their playing a lot more.

However there are some things that were not up to par for me and I feel that it was a lack of Toxines voice. Growling all the time is probably the best way to listen to it, but I am still just wanting to hear some flat out vocals. If you dig Death Metal and everything along its lines, Witchery really brings a sense of "MOSH" to the listener. So take the great guitar leads and monotone growing that Witchery provide for you and follow them into the darkness.

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