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Label: Century Media Records
Reviewed by thebronx
Do you like stories about hate, hell, slaughter? Why not make it a musical? Why not add screams of hate? Well then welcome, Century Media proudly presents Naglfar in a theatre near you. This Rated R album is truly what Black Metal is all about. Take time out of reality for a while and just let the album entrap you in its gore.

So this demonic take starting off with track one entitled "Proclamation" is only once sentence long, but something that is pretty haunting to your average church goers. "Your Flesh Is Now Ours" coming right out of lead singer " Kristoffer Olivius mouth you can pretty much know where this album is going to take you. Naglfar to the listener are very unique, hearing scream on top of a scream through out all of the songs. Songs on this album come out like "A Swarm Of Plagues", "Revelations Carved In Flesh", Carnal Scorn & Spiritual Malice" make Naglfar who they are. Naglfar have been shredding peoples minds and views since 1995 with their entrance into the death metal scene releasing "Vittra" and any Black Metal listener will agree that that album is one of the best in the genre.

To me, the best song on this album is "The Perpetual Horrors". This song sums up Naglfar perfectly. Droning guitars, heavy beaten drums, angry vocals, it doesn't get much better then that.

I do suggest you pick up all you can of Naglfar; they are a really talented group and deserve to be in your CD rack. They are on mine as of now. Take the time to appreciate Death Metal for what it is, sick.

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