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Label: Century Media Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by thebronx
What more is there to say about good black metal?. Well I can think of 3 words, dark, grotesque, and Satyricon.

If you have never listened to dark or black metal, you are missing something out of your average "Punk, Hardcore, Metal" CD collection. There is a swarm of bands out there that I have never listened to. Satyricon is probably the first dose of black metal I have had and I am thirsty for more.

Satyricon come straight out of Norway and leave nothing behind. Take the first track for instance, "Now, Diabolical". Turn on your sound and turn it all the way up and let the heavy droning guitar sounds or the beating drums take a hold of you in the first 10 seconds. Then BAM! A slap in the face that makes your ears mosh and your heart pound. This track really makes the listener intrigued coming off with lyrics like "We want you dead, your head on a plate. You wanted more, and what do you get". Bold lyrics from a bold group that mainly only consist of two guys "Satyr", and "Frost". They may look scary, my growl at little kids but well; yeah I guess they are just scary. Say what you will once you're hooked in by song four, song five will be a kick in the teeth. This is by far my favorite song on this whole album. This is the song that pounded my heart and at the same type really picked up the pace in my opinion. Fast full throttle lyrics and ear banging lyrics, only bands like Satyricon can use terms like 'The Dark Lord' and not get a laugh. The rest of this album is just as good I mean this 9-song work brought to you by two guys is a really good artistic piece of work.

Now there are a couple things I do think I would change not because it was done badly but because I didn't get enough of it. That is speed, they have the capability but it wasn't their main focus.

Say what you will about metal but be prepared to back it up. Regardless of how you perceive it, give it a chance. I did and I will now listen to black metal bands before I judge their gore-look or their spiked bracelets. Emo kids beware of the big bad metal.

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