Go Betty Go: A Triumph of Resilience and Punk Rock Passion Go Betty Go
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Go Betty Go, the punk rock powerhouse from LA, makes a triumphant return after an eight-year hiatus with their anthemic single “Keep Up,” marking a resilient journey through challenges, including a battle against cancer, and reaffirming their position as punk rock’s indomitable force.

In the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, where the punk ethos remains eternally awake, Go Betty Go, a four-piece outfit, has unveiled a striking anthem, "Keep Up," signaling their return after an eight-year hiatus through Wiretap Records—a reawakening sparking a whirlwind of emotions and energy.

With a musical career spanning two decades, Go Betty Go has etched their presence into the annals of punk rock history. Their sonic palette is a blend of raw intensity and melodious finesse, a sonic elixir that occasionally carries a subtle undercurrent of anticipation. Emerging in 2000 from the suburban cocoon of Glendale, California, the band burst onto the scene as teenage rebels with a cause.

At the core of their sonic arsenal, Betty Cisneros' guitar work unfurls like an untamed beast, complemented by Nicolette Vilar's soulful vocal prowess. The rhythmic foundation, skillfully anchored by Michelle Rangel's commanding bass and Aixa Vilar's relentless drumming, provides the necessary bedrock for their sonic tempest.

Their journey in the punk labyrinth commenced with humble local gigs and eventually led to a packed residency at Mr. T's Bowl in Los Angeles. The path forward saw them embark on a nationwide odyssey, collecting accolades and an army of ardent fans along the way. Go Betty Go graced the stages of Warped tours, made their indelible mark at South by Southwest, and seemed invincible until Nicolette's departure in 2005, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the band's future.

Yet, like a phoenix resurrected, the original lineup reunited for a one-night stand in 2012, reigniting the dormant spark that had once set them ablaze. The ensuing chemistry was undeniable, breathing new life into Go Betty Go.

Their triumphant resurgence found expression in "Reboot," an album teeming with rekindled vigor and zeal. Despite their unstoppable momentum, the band was halted in its tracks by the global pandemic in 2020, joining the world in a shared standstill.

In 2022, Go Betty Go confronted their most formidable challenge when Betty was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. While the news was undeniably crushing, it served to knit the band's bonds even tighter. Amid Betty's grueling medical journey, they managed to record "Black and Blue," a title poignantly reflective of their resilience in the face of adversity.

With unwavering support from fans and the music community, Go Betty Go is on a path to recovery, standing united with Betty as she battles her illness. Anticipation builds for their forthcoming album, "Black and Blue," scheduled for an early 2024 release through LA-based indie label Wiretap Records. The lead single, "Keep Up," serves as a triumphant clarion call, heralding their return to the forefront of punk rock—a testament to the enduring spirit of Go Betty Go, their unwavering passion, and the vitality of their music.


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