Grrl Gang Becoming The Newest Riot Grrl Superstars Grrrl Gang
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Grrrl Gang are kicking ass and taking names with their new single “Spunky!” they prove they came to take over the scene!

Indonesian trio Grrl Gang Are Ready to mess stuff up in the pit with their new single “Spunky!”. Grrl Gang is definitely a tip of the hat to all the previous Riot Grrl bands like Bikini Kill and even their predecessors in bands like X-Ray Specs and The Runaways. The newest addition to Kill Rock Stars in this writers opinion is a more mature better songwriting version of The Linda Lindas who have recently taken off and appeared everywhere. Well they should watch their backs because Grrl Gang is pretty kick ass. Their newest video is one that is inspiring to all young girls who are introverted as the lead singer of Grrl Gang controls the crowd with her anthemic lyrics in their new video for the single "Spunky!". 

Hailing from the cultural city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Grrrl Gang is a rising force in the independent music scene with their infectious melodies, anthemic songs, and electrifying live performances. The power trio, composed of Angee Sentana on guitar and vocals, Akbar Rumandung on bass, and Edo Alventa on guitar, has been making waves in the Southeast Asian music scene since their formation in 2016.

The song itself essentially describes Sentana's experience during a manic episode. “I feel like I’m on top of the world, untouchable. I do things without thinking, always chasing after that feeling of instant gratification. I feel extra confident in myself—to a point of grandiose thinking—and that I could do anything,” Sentana explains.

You can’t help but love them instantly with lyrics like “My Teachers told me a I’m a lazy kid, people know I’m a fucking superstar”, you should believe it. It’s almost a taunt to all the boys in the punk scene as lead singer Angee Sentana shouts “I was born in the pit”, she is the pit, she is the scene, so pay attention. The track is rude and raucous and something every rebelling teenage girl should listen to. This track takes the absolute opposite approach from other peers like Olivia Rodrigo and her track “Brutal” where as instead of accepting the brutality of teenage life in this day and age, Grrl Gang are seizing the day and making their own rules.

Grrrl Gang's music is a celebration of their collective roots and a testament to the power of pop music to connect people across cultures and borders. Their lyrics touch on themes such as feminism, mental health, and relationships with a raw honesty that speaks to a generation of young listeners. With their infectious energy, socially conscious lyrics, and unique sound, Grrrl Gang is poised to take the global music scene by storm and become a voice for a new generation.

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