Album Review
Tiger Army
Label: Hellcat Records
Reviewed by Stephen Rafael
Tiger Army and Elvis Presley will never die. Back in 1954, a teenage Elvis cut an eternally haunting version of the Rodgers and Hart standard, "Blue Moon." Somehow sadly romantic, energetically warm, and undeniably downright spooky all at the same time, Presley's rendition of "Blue Moon" is a forever-lasting landmark of fifties music. With II: Power Of Moonlite, Tiger Army retraces Presley's magical steps and tries to follow from where Elvis and "Blue Moon" left off. The three-man Tiger Army comes closest to catching Presley and "Blue Moon" on slower songs like the album's title track, "Power Of Moonlite," and with the chilling country ballad, "In The Orchard." Led by Nick 13 (vocals, guitar), Geoff Kresge (stand-up bass), and London May (drums), Tiger Army's II: Power Of Moonlite also features Davey Havok of AFI and Rancid's Matt Freeman and Lars Frederiksen.

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