Swingin’ Utters - Self Titled Album Review
Swingin' Utters
Label: Fat Wreck Chords
Reviewed by Stephen Rafael

Listen to the Utters' new self-titled record and get ready for a classic punk rock ride. Swingin' Utters kicks off with "Pills & Smoke," a timeless folk tale about being eighteen, wasted, and on the run. Frontman Johnny Bonnel sings guitarist Darius Koski's downbeat, Johnny Cash-like lyrics with Mike Ness' nasally rasp. And while Koski powers "Second Skin" with a clean, Stiff Little Fingers-inspired electric guitar riff, the songwriter subtly adorns the acoustic-based "My Glass House" with violins and organs. Koski even sings lead on the confessional "My Glass House" and the dark, shuffling "Watching the Wayfarers." On these tracks, the guitarist sounds like Shane MacGowan from the Pogues, all weary and broken. Max Huber, the Utters' other guitar player and songwriter, nearly upstages Bonnel and Koski with his two contributions - "The Green Glass" and "The Note." For "The Green Glass," a song about alcoholism, Huber teams Bonnel with bassist Spike Slawson to provide the vocal parts. And Huber sings the sad and unexpected break-up song, "The Note," on his own...

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