LA’s Grave Secrets Ignite Punk Scene with Ferocious Single Ahead of Debut Album and Tour Grave Secrets
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Los Angeles-based Grave Secrets unleash their explosive punk single “F*ck Shit Up” from their debut album, earning praise for their raw intensity and nostalgic yet modern sound, while gearing up for a tour with labelmates BED.

Los Angeles is no stranger to punk and post-hardcore, and Grave Secrets are the latest explosive addition to the city's storied musical lineage. Their latest single, "F*ck Shit Up," is a relentless onslaught that leaves no room for compromise. It's a sonic hurricane that's already making waves on Apple Music's 'NEW IN PUNK' and 'NEGATIVE SPACE' playlists.

Grave Secrets is like a punch in the teeth. Led by Vinny Morales, whose vocal prowess ranges from melodic croons to fiery screams, this band knows how to command attention. Their musicianship matches Vinny's fervor, creating a fleet and muscular sound that's impossible to ignore. There's an undeniable intensity in Grave Secrets' music, a raw energy that surges through every note. It's a rager, pure and simple.

But there's more to Grave Secrets than unbridled chaos. They draw inspiration from '90s emo and bands like Quicksand, infusing their sound with a touch of nostalgia while keeping it firmly rooted in the present. Real Gone recognizes their ability to bridge the gap between eras, and it's something that sets them apart. The band seemlessly is able to skate the line of power pop and melodic punk, blending both into infectious and invigorating songs.

With their debut album 'Til Your Lungs Fall Out' dropping on October 27 via Wiretap Records, Grave Secrets are set to explode onto the scene. They're also hitting the road alongside labelmates BED, taking their electrifying live performance to eager audiences.

In a city known for its musical innovation, Grave Secrets are proving they have what it takes to leave a mark on the LA punk scene. Keep an ear out for their upcoming album and catch them live if you dare – they're ready to "F*ck Shit Up" in the best way possible.

Tour Dates:

Oct. 29 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Paramount

Oct. 30 – Tucson, AZ @ Groundwork’s

Oct. 31 – Las Cruces, NM @ The Range

Nov. 01 – Austin, TX @ Mohawk

Nov. 03 – San Antonio @ Paper Tiger

Nov. 04 – Dallas, TX @ Ruins

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