Album Review
Crumbs, The
Label: TKO Records
  • 3/5
Reviewed by Janelle
On The Crumbs' latest album (their fifth in all and first for TKO), they're as fresh as ever, blending bare-bones rock 'n' roll and riotous punk rock seamlessly. 'Last Exit' is full of exciting, energetic compositions replete with jangly guitars and for the most part, quick tempos, as evidenced on songs like the exceptional opener "Hobos", "Dead Guy Boogie", the stomping, super-fast "Tonight We Bleed", and in the unruly rockabilly of "All Chocked Up".

Yet, there are some variations from the norm. Take, for instance the subdued "The Anticipation", which slows things down a bit towards the middle of the album. However, this respite from the unbridled rock 'n' roll storm is not for long, as it quickly gains intensity when a scream and momentum-building guitars and drums come in. From here on in, the guys oscillate between the two tones for the rest of the song's duration. For some reason the more placid parts of this number remind me of Mudhoney...In any case, an even more sedate song appears at the end of the record with the final offering, the calm, acoustic "Till Next Day".

Still, there's no getting around it: most of the record consists of upbeat rockers that bring to mind proto-punk greats The Stooges and punk's first wave acts like The Dead Boys and there are some hints of Richard Hell and the Voidoids in there as well. The raw production complements the band's style perfectly.

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