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Label: Gale Force Records
  • 2/5
Reviewed by Janelle
The most prevalent aspect of this album is how much the leads sound like they were nicked off Screeching Weasel (see "Crazy", "So Far Away", "Generation", et. al). And, unfortutnately, this feeling of having heard it all before reaches far beyond the lead guitar...

The guys in SideKick wear their influences on their collective sleeve ヨ recalling The Queers on the lovelorn "Crazy", Pennywise on the speedy "The Crunch", which overall is a really good song, but still sounds unoriginal, and of course the god-like Screeching Weasel all over the place. How about that piece "Instrumental Absinth", which the band explains in the liner notes: "Go to Prague and listen to 'My Brain Hurts' by Screeching Weasel?" This instrumental makes me think of that band's masterpiece "Talk to Me Summer". And while emulating your favorite bands is okay, you have to put your own spin on it some how; this just comes off as clone-ish. Basically, it's all been done before. And it's too bad because these guys sound like they're having a lot of fun on the record, and despite all I've said, their music IS fun to listen to, it's just that it's rather derivative and imitative.

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