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Label: TKO Records
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Janelle
According to the press release, the ridiculously good 'All Wiped Out' is a "posthumous" release from Smogtown, who disbanded last year, and consequently, is deemed the band's "final offering." Comprised of eight tracks taken from the band's last two sessions in the studio, it's a great last testament to the band's charged, fun, upbeat, stripped-down, raw punk sound. Yet, being that they recently reformed, it's doubtful this will in fact be their swan song. And that's certainly a good thing.

The only qualm I find with this record is it's over too quickly ヨ eight songs in less than 15 minutes...but what a 15 minutes it is! From the opening raucous rocker "You'll Be Observed", which of course finds the guys mocking how we're being taped constantly, to the finale, a little 45-second chaotic blurb of a reprise of this first number, humorously called "You'll Be Disturbed" with chants of "face face on videotape!" amidst a whirlwind of rollicking guitars and crashing drums, and everything in between, this foursome doesn't back down. Check out the insanely fast "Bobby Brickface" for some pure, unadulterated punk rock mayhem. And even when they go for something a bit different, namely the more sedate indie-like tune "Squares", which recalls The Peechees (think "Love Is the Law"), they're spot-on. They make it work.

The true standout, however, is the amazing cover of Vaders Crank's "Sex Offender Gender Bender" ヨ loud, fast, and snotty ヨ yeah totally. I really have no fuckin' clue who Vaders Crank is, but if the original sounds anything remotely like how Smogtown play it...I'd sure like to hear them. In short, buy this record. NOW.

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