Let’s Go: Kamloops Punk Rock Pioneers Release Powerful ‘Smile’ Album, Confronting Greed and Social Issues Let's Go
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Let’s Go, a dynamic Punk Rock band hailing from Kamloops, British Columbia, blends melodic, heavy, and fast-paced sounds, addressing societal issues with raw, rebellious lyrics, as showcased in their upcoming album “Smile” released via High End Denim Records.

Hailing from the heart of Kamloops, British Columbia, Let's Go is a Punk Rock sensation that defies musical boundaries with their melodic, heavy, and fast-paced sound. Since their formation in 2018, the band has become synonymous with traversing genres, from thrash metal to honky-tonk, all while maintaining a strong foothold in the modern skatepunk scene. Their second full-length album, "Smile," is set to drop via High End Denim Records, promising a sonic journey that delves into the dark corners of human greed while offering glimpses of redemption and unity. With fast tempo riffing and melodic hooks, the album features thoughtful lyrics that are sure to leave a lasting impact. The first single, "Our Song," hit the airwaves on October 20, paving the way for the full album release on November 24. According to the band, "Our Song" is a powerful working-class anthem that questions power dynamics in a capitalist society, adorned with wailing gruff harmonies and yearning lyrics—a two-minute power ballad tour de force that demands attention.

Let's Go's lyrics are a raw and unfiltered reflection of societal issues, a gritty commentary on the state of the world. "Rectified" takes aim at class warfare and the consequences of wealth inequality, painting a bleak picture of a race to the bottom. "State of Decay" delves into the corrupting influence of corporate greed and the consequences of blindly following destructive paths.

"Salted Snow" explores themes of betrayal and disillusionment, portraying a sense of loss and the aftermath of broken trust. The imagery of snow symbolizes a cold and harsh reality. "Overboard" tackles environmental degradation, criticizing a system that prioritizes profit over the well-being of the planet.

"Smile" brings a message of resilience and hope, emphasizing the power of love to overcome challenges. It's a juxtaposition to the darker themes present in other songs. "Never Gonna Die" is an anthem of defiance and perseverance, celebrating the indomitable spirit of a community that refuses to be silenced.

"Our Song" questions the meaning of a life spent working endlessly and challenges the status quo, suggesting a desire for change. "Pixels" delves into existential contemplation, questioning the nature of reality and our place in the universe.

Finally, "Gune Tune" confronts the uncertainties of the modern age, criticizing technological advancements that may have unintended consequences. It also touches on political and class issues, expressing a desire for change and a warning of potential consequences.

The overall tone is one of rebellion, social critique, and a call to action. Let's Go's lyrics are a reflection of the band's perspective on a world that needs change and a society that's in decay.