Madness At Home Premiere Their Nirvana Tinged New Single “Wet Room” Madness At Home
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

From Rome stoner post punk grunge band Madness At Home offer us the premiere for their dark new video for “Wet Room” a Nirvana / Melvins inspired thrasher.

Love for Nirvana is apparent on this newest track from Rome trio Madness at Home. The band formed in 2019 and is inspired by pioneers of grunge like Melvins and Nirvana which shines through brightly on this chaotic punky grunge track “Wet Room”. Vocalist Pietro Zaccari says of the lyrics that they flowed from a stream of consciousness without real deep meaning. Sometimes that sort of thing provides what is best for the song and in this case I think it’s true. The band has a post punk / post hardcore sound overall but do interesting things in their newest single like the System of Down circus-ish verses that explode into a Nirvana-esque chorus in the vein of some of their screamier tracks like “Oh, The Guilt” or “Territorial Pissings”. 

This new upcoming album, produced by the band they describe as “endless waiting, recurring dreams, indolence and a morbid escapism where hidden desires turn into real.” All two minutes of “Wet Room” is the bands debut track with Overdub Recordings. The band has said their vision was a song that sounds like if Idles played a Nirvana song and it certainly comes off that way. Today we are so proud to present the bands video premiere for “Wet Room”. A dark video that feels like isolation encapsulated perfectly with the song swirling around as if it’s the music playing inside the actors head. The lighting gives off the vibe of any one of Nirvana’s early videos but mixed with a post- apocalyptic feel. For fans of grunge to fans of just great punk and hardcore, you are going to enjoy this.

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