Portland Oregon Emo Band Swiss Army Wife, Back To Basics Emo Approach Swiss Army Wife
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Swiss Army Wife’s meteoric rise is fueled by their refreshing blend of Midwest Emo and Punk, with their album “Medium Gnarly” gaining acclaim, notably for the standout track “This # Is No Longer In Service,” and their back-to-basics approach that has revitalized the emo genre.

Swiss Army Wife's ascent into the limelight has been nothing short of meteoric, with their latest album, "Medium Gnarly," making waves across various Spotify playlists. The band's blend of Midwest Emo and Punk has earned them accolades from notable voices in the industry, including Anthony Fantano, who described their sound as "great impassioned vocals" and labeled it as "very fun and kind of sad guy rock."

In a recent review, Sophie's Floorboard commended the band's "indisputably fun energy" and highlighted the personal yet relatable lyricism that makes their album akin to "dying with a smile." Other writers declared Swiss Army Wife and Mauve as one of the more interesting bands in the current scene. 

The track that has truly captured the hearts of fans is "This # Is No Longer In Service," a concise but impactful statement at just over a minute and a half. Positioned at the forefront of their debut LP, the song seamlessly weaves raw and impassioned punk vigor with blistering emo riffs, setting the tone for the entire album.

Accompanying the track is a visually engaging music video directed by Anthony Lopez, where the band showcases their fun and creative storytelling. The narrative unfolds as a persistent caller disrupts band practice, leaving viewers intrigued about the identity on the other end of the line.

Vocalist Kade Dale shed light on the inspiration behind "This #," stating, "It's about the toll that being constantly connected and on-call takes on your mental health." The lyrics explore the challenges of finding personal space and the overwhelming nature of constant communication, turning interactions with loved ones into a daunting task.

Swiss Army Wife, comprised of Kade (Guitar & Vox), Jon (Bass & Vox), Will (Guitar & Vox), and Tim (Drums), hails from Portland, Oregon. Their approach to emo, characterized by math riffs, gruff vocals, and infectious energy, feels like a breath of fresh air in a musical landscape that often seeks to distance itself from genre conventions. "Medium Gnarly" is a testament to their back-to-basics approach, delivering a refreshing debut album that already has the makings of a cult classic.

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