Snuff Explores Acoustic Terrain with ‘Off On The Charabanc’ Album, Embarks on European Tour SNUFF
Reviewed by Sam Lowry

Snuff’s latest album ‘Off On The Charabanc’ marks a departure into acoustic territory, showcasing their enduring creativity and genre-blurring prowess as they embark on a European tour.

Snuff, the long-standing UK punk outfit, is set to unleash their latest musical offering, 'Off On The Charabanc,' on March 22 via SBÄM Records. While the band has solidified its place among punk legends, their creative journey shows no signs of slowing down. This forthcoming album, as the title hints, embarks on a fresh sonic expedition, blending their signature ska and punk roots with an unexpected twist.

Surprising fans with a departure from their usual electric fervor, 'Off On The Charabanc' delves into an acoustic realm, marking a new chapter in Snuff's illustrious career. Lead singer and drummer Duncan Redmonds describes it as his "expression of love for folk music," hinting at a deeper exploration of musical influences beyond the punk realm.

As the album gears up for release, Snuff is gearing up to take their eclectic sounds on the road across the European mainland. With tour dates spanning from Austria to the Netherlands, their live performances promise to captivate audiences with a dynamic blend of punk energy and folk storytelling.

Delving into Snuff's rich history unveils a band that defies easy categorization. Emerging in 1986, they quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, blending elements of punk, mod, and folk into a distinctive sonic tapestry. Despite lineup changes and label transitions, Snuff's commitment to crafting music from the heart remains unwavering.

Led by the storytelling prowess of Duncan Redmonds and his collaborator Loz Wong, Snuff's music transcends boundaries, seamlessly merging guitar riffs, horns, and harmonies. Their evolution from their early days to the present day showcases a band unafraid to push musical boundaries while staying true to their roots.

With 'Off On The Charabanc,' Snuff invites listeners on a sonic journey that defies expectations and showcases their enduring creativity. As they continue to carve out their place in the musical landscape, one thing remains clear: Snuff is a band that refuses to be confined by genre, making them a timeless force in the world of music.

Tour Dates
31.05. Wels, AT @ SBÄM Fest
01.06. Regensburg @ Jahninselfest
06.06. Köln @ Gebäude 9
07.06. Nordenham @ Fonsstock w/ The Rumperts
08.06. Osnabrück @ Bastard Club w/ DFL
29.06. Ysselstein, NL @ Jera On Air
18.07. Lichtenvoorde, NL @ De Zwarte Cross
19.07. Selters @ Seepogo Festival
20.07. Coburg @ Monsters of Rodeo

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