Album Review
Unknown Instructors
Label: Smog Veil Records
  • 3/5
Reviewed by Waxy Buildup

Jazz Punk is still here.

Unknown Instructors newest recording, The Master's Voice is a collection of free flowing jazz/punk with spoken word poetry cascading over the grooves laid down by Mike Watt and George Hurley both of Minutemen/fiREHOSE fame.

Guitarist, Joe Baiza from one of my favorite bands, Saccharine Trust weaves guitar sonics through every track without getting in the way of spoken word vocalists, Dan McGuire, David Thomas and Richard Pettibon respectively.

It takes me a while to "GET" this style of music but with each consecutive listen I found something different to latch on to and that's what makes "The Master's Voice" an interesting and challenging record to enjoy.

Fans of The Minutemen and Pere Ubu will probably get a kick outta this record. Me, I'm still trying to "GET" it. But hey, at least I'm still trying.

-Waxy Buildup

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