The LA-based post-black metal project formed by Chris Greene releases atmospheric Endeavor EP via Transcending Records.

Los Angeles, CA-based post-black metal project Grief & Bliss melds hope and sorrow on its captivatingly atmospheric music.  Previously known as only Grief, the act’s mastermind, Chris Greene, is a 100% DIY artist. 

When Greene was 17, he started writing exploratory black metal songs and two of those compositions eventually shaped his 2014 Grief EP.  Two years later Greene self-released his second EP, Endeavor, a boundary-crossing voyage into the far reaches of the post-black metal genre.

As Grief & Bliss, Greene finds musical inspiration in the solace of nature and the challenges of existing in this tumult-filled world.  His blackgaze style that mixes post-black metal with shoegaze creates a reflective, expansive, yet still heavy realm that transports the listener from the daily grind and into the inner recesses of the dreaming mind.

Endeavor is being re-released by Transcending Records September 15th on CD (Digipak) – CAT# TR043.

Transcending Records

Endeavor EP Tracklist:

1.  “A Passing Moment” – 3:55

2.  “Still Waiting” – 4:34

3.  “When It Rains It Pours” – 5:59

4.  “The Stars Also Die” – 4.52



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