French progressive rock/experimental music act PoiL unleash their wild, intricate, and intense new album.

Wildly eccentric and electrifying progressive rock (just to get a slight handle on their boldly eclectic sound) band PoiL unleash their latest opus, named Sus, in album form on April 26th. The trio are from the city of Lyon in France and the LP is being released by music collective and label Dur et Doux.

Sus was recorded at l’Art Scène studio by Adrian Bourget, and captures the raw, super-dynamic, complex, and freeing sound of the band’s live shows.

Rebel Noise is thrilled to be hosting the premiere of Sus in its entirety right here. The album is composed of two pieces that each last 20 minutes. The first side is broken into three tracks and the flip side contains two numbers.

Humor, poetry, and insight jostle for dominance in a crowded and colorful to cacophonous sonic field. Occitan and Provencal poetry provide picaresque accents to the quicksilver, jagged, and always frenetic flow and intense lurch of the kaleidoscopic array of instrumentation.

Dissonance, disorientation, displacement – jarring the ears and mind into another unheard of aural dimension seem key to PoiL’s modus operandi. The adventurous will embrace these new sound combinations, distortions, and repetitions with a gleeful fervor; all others, please take heed and gird your eardrums as they shake, rattle, and explode along with the music!

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