New York City-based rock duo Gardenia drops a vibrant debut album that sonically pays tribute to the metropolis.

New York City-located rock band Gardenia are a fresh outfit that bring an urban vibe to their retro-modern indie/alt-rock tracks. The duo is comprised of Ryan Zakin (vocals, guitar) and Tamir Malik (vocals, drums) and they are releasing their debut EP, titled Yerrr!, today, October 25th.

Yerrr! Was recorded at Funkadelic Studios in NYC with mixing and mastering done by Carlos Ramirez. The EP is as bold as its name suggestions, balancing loud and soft dynamics and relating astute views on real life issues.

Gardenia pay homage to the city they live in and love in all its grimy, noisy, and bustling glory, the same of which can be said for the rock music underground of NYC of which Zakin and Malik are a part.

Stirring and vibrant, Gardenia’s motto is “One Drum, One Guitar, One Mic, No BS” and that’s completely clear on Yerrr! Rebel Noise is psyched to host the premiere of the EP in full.

Song narratives cover the topics of cheating in a relationship, drug use, climate change, and loss. Perceptive observations and revelations are tossed together with passionate vocals, emphatically slammed drum beats, and swirling to jagged guitar lines, all tied together with catchy and compact song structures.

EP-opener “Breaking Bad” delivers crashing waves of guitar and drum sonics touched with rough-edged, longing vocals from Zakin. A cheating couple is at the lyrical center of the mellower “Forget About Me!”, which shimmers with cymbals hits and Malik’s rhythmic drum hits. Midway through the track attack with alt-rock vigor, churning with heavier guitar lines and lively drumwork.

The final number, “Today!”, chugs with low-end guitar pull and a driving drum beat. The hollow-sounding guitar whirl and shaking drums ‘n’ cymbals action fly around Zakin as he decries the decimation of the environment, proclaiming with fire, “Today is the day the Earth stood still” and “It ends with us.”

The band give some details about their EP’s creation, explaining, This record came together really naturally! Because we've been playing these songs live for so long, we didn't have to think too hard about the results we were expecting to get. We recorded the whole thing over the course of a full day at Funkadelic Studios in Times Square, and I think being in Manhattan to record influenced a lot of the sounds on this. It's loud, it's direct, and it's a little dramatic for no reason - Kinda like the people we know and live with over here.”

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