The bold band combat the forces of evil on their lively socio-political LP.

Southern California-located punk rock ‘n’ roll band Countless Thousands create wild hybrid music that fuses elements of kick-ass punk rock, spirited rock ‘n’ roll, and cosmic jazz.

Their vibrant new rock opus, …And The Triumph of Justice, arrived on January 8th, and is full of bold and acerbic socio-political commentary and adventuresome music that is anthemic and exhilarating.

The LP was recorded in self-isolation due to the pandemic, but the messages of fighting for justice, combating evil, and standing in solidarity with those who are marginalized and tyrannized by dictators and haters come through loud and clear.

The rockabilly-inspired single “Fat Cat” speaks directly to the greed and corruption that can be found in many business corporations – and in various political institutions.

With lyrics like “Everybody’s got a price.” and the jauntily restless instrumentation, the track springs along on a heady wave of insouciance and insight.

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