A portrait of outspoken indie-rock hero Bob Forrest, from his life-threatening struggle with addiction to his transformation into one of the most influential and controversial drug counselors in the US today. Score & Original Soundtrack by Josh Klinghoffer (RHCP) on CD and Digital October 1

BOB AND THE MONSTER is a documentary chronicling the life of charismatic singer/songwriter Bob Forrest, from his days as front man of the indie rock band Thelonious Monster, through his life-threatening struggle with addiction, to his triumph and transformation into one of the most influential addiction counselors in the US today.

The film crafts contemporary footage, animation and compelling interviews with rare archival performances and exclusive personal videos from Bobʼs past to reveal the complex layers of this troubled, but optimistic soul. Testimony from his peers, including Courtney Love, Anthony Kiedis, Flea, John Frusciante, members of Janeʼs Addiction, Fishbone and Guns nʼ Roses add texture, but itʼs the depth of Bobʼs music, interwoven throughout the film, that illuminates this unforgettable and truly inspirational story.

Director Keirda Bahruth has spent six years filming Bob Forrest and depicts a fascinating portrait of an intrepid soul whose passion for living and self-discovery is evident in both his failures and successes. The film traces his extraordinary life, from a traumatic childhood event through decades of poverty and drug addiction; numerous menial jobs and an unlikely rise to stardom with his band Thelonious Monster; then back again through homelessness, 22 drug rehabs and jail; to his unexpected transformation into an acclaimed drug and alcohol counselor who now dedicates his life to helping fellow musicians recover from addiction.


The Soundtrack / Score (available on October 1st) for this award wining documentary is composed by Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. It also includes tracks from Thelonious Monster, The Bicycle Thief and Bob Forrest.

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