Founder Steve Moore teams up again with Jon Ireson for an ominous foray into the unquiet mind on the music project’s third LP.

Canadian experimental rock/industrial/metal duo Post Death Soundtrack take it one step beyond with the mash-up of music genres on their latest and third studio album It Will Come Out Of Nowhere.

The Vancouver-based music project has gone through various member line-ups, personal rollercoaster rides through life, and an evolution in sound. Currently Post Death Soundtrack is a duo consisting of founder Steve Moore and Jon Ireson. They’ve also brought in Colin Everall for artwork and video production.

Post Death Soundtrack is a 100% DIY band who freely explores the darker side of the mind and melody, ruminating upon the ills of society and the base nature at the root of human beings. They also search for hope and meaning and what it means to be alive.

It Will Come Out Of Nowhere may be ominous in title, but the music this time around is more trippy and slippery as the act adds heavy doses of woozy ambient psychedelia and trip-hop slow-drips. Their doom metal, prog-rock, and industrial scaffolding still stands intact, but that foundation is overlaid and sways with atmospheric expansion and miasmic interludes.

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