Cecilia James releases “Different Ground”, the beautiful and sultry final single/video from her debut record of the same name.

Surreal and sultry melody accompanied by beautifully textured and effective imagery make up this incredible new video for Cecilia James’ intoxicating third and final single “Different Ground”, the title track from her amazing debut record. Video premieres 12/28 right here and on YouTube!

The track starts with nice melodic, quiet guitars and Cecilia’s intense vocals delicately finding their place over the music, creating a relaxed landscape that also seems to have a somewhat anxious feel to it (which you get from the feel of the lyrics – “our hearts beat now on different ground..”), and around the one-minute mark, what seems like a bridge but ends up a chorus of sorts, is catchy as hell and leads up to a buildup that brings in the inclusion of percussion that blends all the elements of the song together perfectly.

Now moving on all cylinders, the song floats to its end, and the video along with it, as the catchiness and sadness grab you by the throat, and amaze at how they interplay against and with each other at the same time. The song seemed to end so quickly and then I realized its 4:36 long. Like the first time I heard Cecilia James, I immediately played it a few times in a row to really absorb it, and I can’t suggest enough that you do the same.

An amazingly talented, dynamic new artist to keep your eye on. Cecilia is a young woman with an old soul full of magick, mystery, soul and talent. Don’t miss this and please support via the links below.