The raw and raging music was created by Rebel Noise owner John Brunker, Alex Hamilton of the act Wazmo, and friends.

So Cal-located musician John Brunker (and owner of this rad site) found some time during the pandemic to record some slammin’ demos with Alex Hamilton of the outfit Wazmo ( Brunker also got some help from friends for the drum-work on the two new tracks.

The punk/hardcore project called Far Beyond Apathy unleashes a raw and raging sound and fury that is the total opposite of their name.

Brunker had wanted to dig into creating music as Far Beyond Apathy for a long while, and the parameters of the pandemic gave him the opportunity to connect with Hamilton (vocals) and others on this digital collaborative effort.

The aim was to emulate the hardcore punk acts Zero Boys and OFF!, but Far Beyond Apathy have hit their own target with a compelling mix of rock, punk, and hardcore elements.

According to Brunker, the two demo tracks are relatable laments about making bad decisions in life that come back to haunt you, whether it’s a relationship on the skids on “Nobody Changes” or your own misguided views on “Wrong Side of Right.”

The songs come out swinging with a free, yet ferocious vibe that’s powered by hard-driving guitar angles, low-end bass line lurch, hyper-kinetic drumming, and wicked, end-of-tether vocal shredding.

These demos stand tall as potent finished songs – and the hope is that Far Beyond Apathy will soon be cranking out more tunes.

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