The atmospheric Canadian outfit deliver a ruminative track with diverse remixes.

The latest iteration of Vancouver, Canada-based alternative music outfit Post Death Soundtrack is musicians Jon Ireson and Steve Moore.

Ireson is also a renowned and prolific music producer, and his credits include working on this project’s material.

Post Death Soundtrack’s latest record is a recent single/EP that contains “Pathless Land” and two stylistically diametrically opposed remixes.

While the original song is a brooding look inwards with ruminative vocals and foreboding atmosphere, the Sovereign Mix from Casey Braunger adds more menace with fiery metal guitar jags and sporadic, but emphatic drum strikes.

The Lit Beacon take on the track from Ireson is a stripped-back view that focuses on more delicate acoustic guitar strum.

Through each configuration, Moore’s thoughtful vocal tone and astute lyrics shine through.

Moore comments, ““Pathless Land” is a little song full of unlikely vitriol and resolve following loss and devastation. We're thrilled to share this new release with you during dark times and hope it provides a moment of stillness where something fresh can take root.”

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