The Chicago-based band (with a member who was in Boys Life and The Farewell Bend) recently released a rad new album.

Wet Tropics may be based in Chicago, but they radiate a copacetic California vibe on their latest music video for the appropriately titled “Cool California.”

The garage rock/post-punk band just dropped their album Everybody Get In on November 27th and it’s an engaging combo of West Coast ease and Midwest grit.

The LP is available on digital platforms and as a cassette via Friend Club Records. It was produced by John Rejba, Matt Holmes, and Jeff Dean, recorded at The Echo Mill by Holmes, mixed by Dean at The Deanery, and mastered by Adam Stilson.

Wet Tropics mixes all sorts of genres of rock together to whip up their own special blend. Maybe their hybrid sound stems from their musical roots and attitudes: Guitarist and vocalist John Rejba was a member of Boys Life and The Farewell Bend. Krystal Rosenbrock is a veteran drummer and vocalist. Justin Watt (bass) is a multi-instrumentalist who, along with Rosenbrock, locks in the urgent rhythms.

Indie rock, punk rock, art rock, and even power pop are all represented amid the solid foundation of garage rock and post-punk genres.

Check out the surfy splash and grimy grunge of the restless “Cool California” in the performance video below:

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