The world court In Hauge must be used to bring down those responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Together we can do this as gathering evidence and bringing charges is a top priority!

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I have been infuriated with the Bush administration for seven years. As you may not know, the charge that they are neo-nazis is valid. The neo-conservative faction of Republicans are followers of a man named Leo Strause. The man died, but they adhere to his philosophies. Strause was a neo-nazi himself, an old bitter follower of the doctrines of Adolf Hitler. He fractioned off from the mainstream of the party, and still held his neo-fashist beliefs spread by Hitler himself. There is documentation of him in many sources that I have seen my self. He saw the society around him to be feeble and weak, and started out to destroy the world as it was then. The evidence that neo-conservatives are followers of him and of Hitler will be found in the various conversations with the media among their party ranks. I know that you all hate Bush, and that you will do all in your power to stop the neo-nazi in office and his administration. The senior Bush was also present at the assassination of JFK! Smash!