Boston’s Kitner release “Beth Israel” single with accompanying lyric video.

Apparently it took 6 years for Boston area indie rock/power pop band Kitner to finally complete an album that was put to the side due to other musical commitments. Their new single and video sure don’t sound like a band that isn’t completely focused on the music they are creating. “Beth Israel” is a killer melodic rock song, complete with a hooky chorus, noodling and crisp guitars, throbbing bassline, and drums being hit as hard as we all wish Chris Mars would have.

Singer Conor Maier’s voice is a highlight for me – It’s sweet enough at low volume to dig into you, harsh and unpredictable enough at high volume to kick you in the face. The song is driving, full of energy yet with longing and articulate lyrics that keep you invested and intrigued. The lyric video is perfect for the song too – it doesn’t give it all away, keeps it mysterious enough, gives a nod to the ‘mats, and just helps create the vibe of the song while you listen. While I guess some of their influences are apparent, I don’t feel they are worth mentioning. Kitner defines themselves quite capably on their own. This is rocknroll, man.

Play this track loud and support via links below. Their debut full length Shake the Spins drops October 1 via Relief Map Records. Pre-order vinyl below.