Arizona-based rock band Little King tunefully explode on a socially relevant single/music video.

Tucson, Arizona-located (by way of El Paso, Texas) veteran melodic rock band Little King are set to release their new album, Amuse de Q, on September 3rd.

Ahead of the LP’s launch comes the explosively tuneful lead single, “Bombs Away,” and its accompanying music video.

The track is a vivid preview for what’s in store for Amuse de Q, which lyrically delves into the shock and tumult of the virus-driven pandemic of 2020 (that is unfortunately continuing in 2021…).

“Bombs Away” confronts the isolation experienced by lockdowns and social distancing, the doom-scroll news feed, and losing touch with reality when sequestered for long periods of time.

But the sometimes bleak lyrics also turn on a dime, and become positive midway through the song, with band leader Ryan Rosoff (guitar, vocals) exclaiming, “…problems are solved / Coming together / Things will get better / Hope is untethered.”

Rosoff is joined by Manny Tejeda (bass, vocals), and Eddy Garcia (drums) and they bring in the propulsive rhythms that move the up-tempo track continually forward.

The engaging music video, which was filmed, edited, and produced by Nicci Radhe of Celesteal, is a bright blast of energy, with the camera focused on Rosoff performing on guitar and singing outdoors in the searing sunlight amid colorfully designed airplanes.

There’s also some black ‘n’ white footage interspersed throughout the video that shows Rosoff sitting in the cockpit of a plane, and in the rear compartment tapping away at a computer.

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