The New Mexico outfit have unveiled their sophomore EP, on Manic Kat Records

Albuquerque heavy outfit Lights on The Coast are back with their first new music in three years.

With Another Life, the Manic Kat Records crew cross-pollenate skull-crushing thunder with huge choruses and atmospheric electronic elements, nodding to influence from across the width and breadth of heavy music, with their melodic deethcore soundscape.

Discussing the new collection, the band's Matt Torres explains: "Writing for Another Life started back in 2023 in the midst of a line-up change. During our Spring tour of that year with Brokencyde, we met who would then become our current vocalist, Noah Delosrios. We hit it off with him immediately and the dynamic was unmatched."

Torres continues: "Completing this EP has been yet another milestone for Lights on the Coast and naturally, the overall lyrical content summed up our feelings and aspirations for our current mindset in 2024. There is "another life" beyond what we've seen in the past and understanding this has inspired hope and change for us. We hope our listeners feel the same way and embrace this change with us for a new chapter."

Emerging from the pandemic was a poignant and contemplative time for most. For Lights on The Coast, 2021 was made all the more challenging with the sudden passing of Victor Hernandez.

An already reflective and heartfelt debut EP Signals, was made raw and personal with the loss, but the tracks offered a form of catharsis and strength for the Albuquerque outfit.

Fast forward to 2024 and led by new vocalist, Noah Delosrios, Another Life is a new dawn for the band, whose popularity continues to rise off the back of supports for genre high-flyers The Plot in You, Secrets and Convictions.

Lights on The Coast deploy a melodically weighted brand of metalcore on their defiant sophomore effort. Awash with potent riffs, soaring vocals and meaty breakdowns, Another Life shows the trio's strength from the deepest depths of despair.