Check out what our friend Ollie has to say about his new punk parody band “The Masters of Punk Rock”

Hey People,

I'm Ollie Mikse and I play drums in an 80s punk parody band called The Masters of Punk Rock. The band is a collective effort of musicians from all over the states and features Stephen Egerton of The Descendents/ALL on guitar. We released our first 7" last week, which includes our first 6 songs. It's available from Interpunk, Vinyl Collective or directly through us on our homepage


They say that punk is dead, washed up and irrelevant. It's easy to see why; so-called "punk" records today are cleaned, polished and available at the mall. Where is the grit, crust, and threat that used to define the genre? Enter the Masters of Punk Rock. Armed with resilience and an undying love for 80s punk rock, these hoodlums are taking punk rock back to a time where studded leather jackets defined a generation. The songs contain the brilliant political insight of the Dead Kennedys and the sonic qualities of the Crass and Subhumans. In other words, they are punk as fuck.

Featuring artwork by Ryan August ( and an appearance by Stephen Egerton (Descendents/ALL) on the song "I Hate the Jocks."

Each 7 inch contains: one record, silkscreened cover, lyric sheet, cardstock insert, extra labels, and one trading card (out of 5) with MP3 download coupon. Limited to 300 and all on black vinyl: colored wax is for posers. Oi oi oi!

1. Fuck Reagan
2. I Hate the Jocks
3. Fucking Cops Are Fucking Kicking Me in the Fucking Head
4. Chicks Suck
5. Freeganomics