The NYC musician with Southern roots unleashes foreboding to furious fuzz-rock numbers.

Prolific musician Matt C. White originates from the banks of the Neuse River in North Carolina, but has been residing in New York City for a while. White has released hard-charging to reflective music under his own name, and also in the bands Grandpa Jack, Dead Seconds, and Realizer.

His latest output as a solo artist is a 2-EP set of darkly themed and dramatically executed, foreboding to furious fuzz-rock numbers. He merges his Southern rock roots with a gritty NYC style for a menacing, yet rousing take on rock ‘n’ roll.

The first EP, Creepshow Peepshow: Act I, came out in May of this year, and now its follow-up, Creepshow Peepshow: Act II, is out since early October.

Passionate vocals, fiery guitar riffs, and lumbering to quick tempos create a discordant atmosphere, while the lyrics tackle karma, bad habits, and the struggle with self-control and understanding.

alt-rock alternative rock fuzz-rock matt c. white rock rock 'n' roll southern rock