Along with the physical release of their July album Replica of Man, Pittsburgh’s Melt has unveiled the music video for “Skeleton Girl.”

Psychedelic rock ensemble Melt has been making waves since the summer release of their sophomore album, Replica of Man, and they're not done yet.

Along with the much-anticipated physical release of their July record on vinyl in the final hour of 2023, the band has unveiled a new music video for "Skeleton Girl" — one of the album's standout tracks.

Shot in a dimly-lit garage in the industrial city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the music video not only showcases a live performance from the band, but also that of local visual artist, Cat Lady Cabaret, who dances with light and fire as she performs in the role of the titular "Skeleton Girl." 

Musicially, the high-intensity composition is a testament to the gritty bass work and vocals of James May, who composed the piece and takes center stage in both audio and visuals. In a degree of intimacy not often found in most lyric videos, the accompanying lyrics displayed across the screen are in May's own handwriting.

Replica of Man is available digitally on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon MP3, with the vinyl version now available for purchase. As Melt continues to carve its niche in the genre of doom and psychedelic rock, the release of "Skeleton Girl" and its accompanying video serves as a compelling indication of the band's creativity and momentum. 

Watch the music video below and look to Melt's Bandcamp for more from Replica of Man:

Video credits:
Produced by Finesse Films
Director - Jeffrey Belack
Director of Photography - Justin Robinson
Editor & Colorist - Cary Young

Melt is:
J.J. Young (Drums and Vocals)
James May (Bass and Vocals)
Joey Troupe (Guitar and Vocals)
ft. Special Guest: Cat Lady Cabaret

Melt Socials:

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