Freaks Are Buzz is the latest experimentally avant-gardist project from the Greek artist, producer, and owner of Red Light Studio, Andy Ray. Fans of Ty Segal, Psychotic Monks & YAK won’t want to miss the visceral exposition of anger directed at violent uniformed oppressors.

Featuring Barbieria on drums, the live recorded 100% analog project is underpinned by elements of noise, psych, punk, garage, and Kraut while transcending influence to unravel as a sonic anti-art manifesto to bring in a riotous new wave of underground sound.

The opening track, As You Fall, starts with saturated guitar chords before momentous scuzz proliferates the high-octane hit that hooks you in with the definitively punk percussion and adrenalized vocals. Track two introduces the title single, which delivers sniping vocal diction and a fuck load of fuzz to demonstrate the distemper that is harbouring on the underground and waiting to be unleashed upon tyrants. Track three, Alive, is a clamorous and Crampsy antagonist fever dream which replaces guitar solos with heavy psych reverb breaks. The EP concludes with the bonus cassette track, Humanity; purchase it to hear the grungy melodicism break into innovative Kraut obscurity.

After recording the EP live on a TASCAM PORTA TWO cassette recorder, the Freaks Are Buzz EP was mixed and mastered by Andy Ray & Lostinthe. It is available to stream and download on all major platforms now.

alt-rock alternative rock rebel noise rock