Scandinavian Sofia Härdig (Free Kitten, Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore) is set to release her exciting 2-part EP March 26.

Scandanavian multi-instrumentalist Sofia Härdig has worked with household Swedish names like the Grammy Award winners The Hellacopters and Bob Hund, as well as collaborated with Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon and Pussy Galore’s Julia Crafitz on Free Kitten, and she is now ready to release her own music this Friday.

Härdig is hailed as “the rocktronica queen of experimental music” in her native country and she remains truthful to her artistic vision. "I find beauty in flaws and that which is not perfect is what excites me, I love the unusual, the unexpected, untrained and unplanned… I hope my music portrays that in its sound”.

In order to keep the authenticity and imperfection alive, her new 2-part EP collection called The Street Light Leads To The Sea was recorded only in three days with a few musicians specifically known and hand-picked for their improvisational skills. The moment the record button was on, each musician was encouraged to simply go wild and free.

The resulting lead single, "Sitting Still", emantes a Sonic Youth/Le Tigre vibe that's filled with raw attitude, high energy, and incisive lyrics.  It's bold, breathlessly pressing, and exciting: