It’s Casual is set to release 5th album October 30th (Photo credit: Matt Nielson)

Los Angeles native Eddie Solis, the multi-talented man behind the hardcore music project 'It’s Casual', is set to release his 5th album in a series that focuses on daily life and transcendence in the City of Angels.  Entitled The New Los Angeles III: Ascended Masters, it expands upon the first two albums which commented on the everyday travails of living in an urban environment.  This time around Solis takes on a new perspective that is informed by his recent life-shaping transformation into a runner, hiker, and Vegan.  The New Los Angeles III: Ascended Masters arrives October 30th and Solis is joined by newly-recruited drummer Jimmy Sotelo.

Solis hasn’t lost his hardcore sonic punch on his 5th studio album and the single “What’s Wrong” proves that in spades.  He and Sotelo blast it out full-force from the get-go, with Solis whipping out lashing distorted guitar licks and Sotelo providing a dynamically slammin’ drum beat.  The song boils with a constant, choppy agitation as Solis shouts out on the chorus in a rough, throaty, Henry Rollins-like tone “What’s wrong with the world today?”  He’s backed by similar vocal exclamations all while grinding out his fuzzed-up, chugging guitar riffs.  Amid the heavy riffage and pummeled drums, there’s a message of hope that springs from Solis’s lyrics as he intones “The choice is yours.”  His message is that life is what we make of it.  It’s our choice to be happy and move forward instead of dwelling on the darkness.

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