The New Jersey-based band have followed it up with heartfelt performance music video.

Operating out of New Jersey, melodic pop-punk/emo act Mood Swings recently released their self-titled debut album that was recorded by Gary Cioni (Hot Mulligan, Sorority Noise).

Mood Swings is chock full of dynamic and catchy anthems, with lead single “So Much For Celebrating” being the perfect example of the band’s MO.

Fans of Paramore and crunchy, but tuneful pop-rock will enjoy Mood Swings’ music. Frontwoman Rylee Oswald’s shines on vocals, delivering heartfelt emotions in a light and sincere tone.

The lyrically rueful “So Much For Celebrating,” which deals with getting over a toxic relationship, just got an accompanying performance music video directed by Kurt Fowls.

Oswald divulges some details about the meaning of the song, commenting, ““So Much for Celebrating” is about celebrating a milestone with a loved one amongst all of the craziness that unfortunately comes from a toxic relationship.”

“I wrote this song from personal experience, knowing all too well the bittersweet tension of celebrating something that brings a great deal of negativity to mind.”

“At first, this song was very difficult to write. The melody was especially the hardest part to create. I must’ve written 15 choruses for this song before finding the right one. Nonetheless, it used to be my least favorite of our songs because I felt so uncreative while writing it.”

“But after working on it in the studio with my best friends and hearing the final version of the song, it turned out to be one of my favorites. I am so grateful for everyone that we work with to make Mood Swings possible. I can’t wait to see where this band takes us!”

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