Divided Heaven’s new music claims to include “a dash of weird, a pinch of Satanism, and a heavy dose of sex and politics”

I’m not sure if it’s me being stressed lately or if it’s just that what’s been out there lately has not been catching my ear in the way that gets me excited enough to want to blast it in a celebratory mood with that appreciation for punk rock and rocknroll that continues to keep me and so many of us going through these tumultuous times and life in general, but damn, am I glad Divided Heaven reached my inbox.

Apparently Jeff Berman has been releasing music as Divided Heaven for over twelve years and somehow I’ve missed it. “Burn Me” is catchy, gritty, agitated, forceful and chaotic all at the same time, and with some incredible guitar and vocal work.

The new Divided Heaven album, Oblivion, out February 4th on A-F Records (US) and Gunner Records (EU) claims to include “a dash of weird, a pinch of Satanism, and a heavy dose of sex and politics” – and hey, in this new world where everyone seems to be walking on eggshells afraid to offend, that’s a bit of a refreshing approach. Life is messy and complicated. Not everything is a form of an attack. Art is expression, a purge of the will, and I applaud Divided Heaven for tackling topics and ideologies that he and others perhaps may have avoided in the past. Further, how can we get through the darkness if we don’t attack it head on?

Bottom line this track rocks and has that spirit I’ve been waiting to hear again, that spirit that I’m always craving, that spirit of freedom that only true rocknroll can bring and alter your consciousness with. I can’t wait to hear the full record. Please check the links below and show your support, the catalog is well worth diving into, so dive in.


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