The Hawaii outfit bring a fast-paced and riveting brand of heavy, drawing influence from myriad influences including Japanese City Pop and progressive metal

Hawaiian progressive post-hardcore crew Mara Bloom have dropped their debut album and premiered a new music video.

The pacey and dazzlingly frenetic They Who Invite channels a dexterous array of influence from across alternative and heavy, as the Honolulu outfit push their sonic boundaries on the rookie record.

Emerging from Honolulu, deep in the heart of the island of Oahu, progressive post-hardcore crew Mara Bloom stitched themselves together from the island's local heavy scene that, while sparse, is brimming with passion and dedication.

Spring 2021 saw the release of debut EP Hallucinations, a frenetic but highly accessible odyssey that dances between soaring melodies, bouncing funk grooves and pummelling breakdowns.

With their upcoming debut full-length, They Who Invite, the heavy outfit have realized a captivating and dramatic take on the sound they began crafting with the rookie EP. Inspired by a particularly tragic tale from Shinto mythology, They Who Invite is at once sensual but crushing, progressive but catchy, dance-inducing yet melancholy, and spins a dream-like modern love story with terrible and occult consequences.

Along with a deeply evolved conceptual storytelling style, the new record also transcends the sonic bounds of the genre. Increasingly progressive elements are introduced with unusual song structures and winding referential lyrics. Influences of Japanese city pop and progressive metal riffs are abundant and tangible, creating an attention grabbing brand of modern hardcore. And, whilst pacey and frenetic, the young quintet have crafted an astute songmaship, that glazes the top of a gripping rookie collection.

They Who Invite is out now.

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