“Toy” is the fourth single of the witchy grungy band Pythies from their first EP named “Disillusion”, which will come out in September.

Pythies is a witchy grunge band from Paris (France), created by Lise.L. At the end of 2022, she grows into the idea of forming a new musical project, only led by women, and which includes the grunge culture of the 90s (L7, 7 year bitch, Babes in Toyland, Hole) and her taste for witchcraft.

In January 2023, she meets through social media the guitar player Thérèse La Garce and the drummer Anna B. Void : the alchemy between these three is undeniable and Pythies is born. These three very strong personalities make a fierce alliance: behind the drum, Anna brings a bit of craziness and a real wild and grunge energy; Thérèse, with her very fuzzy and punk guitar is a restless tigress; finally, Lise, who writes and composes all the songs, knows how to mix sensuality, melody and intense need to riot.

Their first EP, “Always Too Much” came out in May 2023. The band then plays all over France. In March 2024, they put out their third single, “Eclipse”, which got a massive response and got over 20 000 views on Youtube and also got into KEXP playlist. Then, in early April, they put out a cover of the song “Chick Habit”, featuring the band The Velvet Hands. They will go on a US tour this fall (west coast).

The single was written and composed by Lise.L, and in this new song, she depicts a friendship that has been wasted over by the constant objectification and over sexualisation of women, a hard and disgusting reality.

“Toy” is strongly influenced by bands like L7, 7 Year Bitch and Alanis Morisette.

It comes out with a short movie feat a strong Tarantino inspiration and a grungy vampire storyline, which will reflect well enough the provocative attitude of the band.