Get a copy of the infamous comp from REBEL NOISE while supplies last. We’re blowing out the remaining copies for $5 including shipping. Where else can you get a deal like that?


  • Drool - Best Enemy (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

  • Beerzone - Rally To The Call (Crawley, Sussex, UK)

  • Broskys Revolt - Now Or Never (Simi Valley, California)

  • Johnny Cheapo - Trouble Maker (Riverside, California)

  • Los Creepers - War (Los Angeles, California)

  • Mad Parade - A.W.O.L. (Covina, California)

  • Psychotic Reaction - I See Red (New Haven, Connecticut)

  • White Trash Debutantes - What's A Girl To Do (Hollywood, California

  • The Givers - Ollie (Los Angeles, California)

  • Nobodys Fools - Hooligans In The Night (San Jose, California)

  • Blue Collar Special - Consider This (San Jose, California)

  • Riotgun - Misinformation (Fullerton, California)

  • Regal Beagle - Baby Girl (Montebello, California)

  • The Cop-outs - Die, Die, Die (Whittier, California)

  • The Deadcats - Lost Generation Breakdown (Vancouver, Canada)

  • Bluechannel - Holding On & Letting Go (Jersey City, New Jersey)

  • The Takedowns - 605 Sitdown (San Gabriel Valley, California)

  • The Duodenums - Got Caught (Placer County, California)

  • Deadbeat Sinatra - Baby Doll (Los Angeles, California)

  • Bullet Treatment - Pathetic (Orange County, California)

  • False Alliance - Bonfire Of The Constitution (Hawthorne, California)


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