Foreword are splaying old school and new school hard rock influences on their new single “Glass Castles”

Crowning a potent metalcore soundscape with injections of 00s inspired alternative rock, Texan quintet Foreword are back with new single "Glass Castles".

Watch the music video below.

Speaking on the new video, lead vocalist Andy Alderson shares: "Shooting Glass Castles was definitely one of the hardest video shoots any of us have been a part of. Whereas Going Under had Chris and I submerged in a pool in 40-degree weather, we shot this one in the middle of the Texas summer in a castle basically made out of concrete and plaster. Stone is supposed to be porous and keep things cool, this on the other hand was like a sauna from hell. Not to mention the owner of the "castle" wanted to keep the authenticity by having a castle dog on the premises which we had to keep coaxing out of shots. But after a grueling seven hours, where many things transpired that we will take to our graves, we were able to wrap on what ended up being Glass Castles."


Bringing together five active members of the San Antonio metal scene, Foreword unite myriad rock and metal influences into a tenacious and highly engaging brand of heavy.

Kicking off 2023 with two quickfire single releases, "Going Under" and "Sandman", Foreword unleashed a swashbuckling array of riveting riffs and pummelling breakdowns, launching the band into the hearts and minds of metalcore fans across Texas.

Despite the near 6 years since debut EP Prologues & Premables, the cohesion and chemistry displayed on the new tracks is plain for all to see; a deft marriage of atmosphere and accessibility emanates from the band's vivid juxtaposition of heavy with melodic.

New single "Glass Castles" is another unputdownable output from the San Antonio five, who continue to brandish a technical sword, while supplying a hearty dose of 00s heavy nostalgia.

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