The aggressive, but fun act blast off with a slammin’ video and vinyl EP reissue.

The members of Oxnard and Ventura, California punk rock band Dad Brains are an exact match for their act’s snarky name.  They’re a bunch of dads and they have legendary hardcore punk band Bad Brains on their musical minds.

Dad Brains is comprised of former members of No Motiv, The Missing 23rd, Creep Division, and The F-ing Wrath. They released their high-octane, infectious, riffs-and-hijinks self-titled EP this past June via their Bandcamp profile. The EP was produced by longtime friend Roger Camero (No Motiv, Silver Snakes, The Velvet Teen, The Warriors).

Pirates Press Records has picked up the baton and has run a batch of colored 7” vinyl of the EP, which was released September 14th.

Frontman Patrick Pedraza states of the vinyl reissue, “We’re super stoked that Pirates Press Records [released] this record. It kinda feels like when your baby smiles for the first time… wait, let’s not get that crazy!”  He goes on to say, “Seriously… [it’s] a well-respected label… It’s a punk rock dream come true.”

Dad Brains tunes are all about the struggles and joy of fatherhood. From sleepless nights to baby poop and everything related, the band finds the humor in their challenging, yet ultimately rewarding situation. That they’ve unleashed it in ferocious hardcore punk style makes them all the more relatable. Gotta channel the frustration and exasperation of being a daddy somewhere!

Check out the fun and frenzied performance video for “I’m Old” below:

Hmmm, so they do have time for social media…

Listen to/Purchase Dad Brains EP:

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