The noise rock/punk supergroup, which features members of Minutemen and Firehose, are set to release their 4th LP.

What happens when you take two Minutemen, a natural-born Poet, and a modern Dinosaur and put them in a recording studio? Why, the renowned noise rock/punk hybrid supergroup known as Unknown Instructors, of course!

Mike Watt and George Hurley bassist and drummer of renowned punk bands Minutemen and Firehose, respectively, and poet Dan McGuire are joined by indie rock legend J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. on their upcoming 4th album.

The LP, entitled Unwilling to Explain, will arrive on February 22nd via ORG Music in CD and digital formats. The official release on black vinyl and exclusive purple vinyl happens March 22nd.

Rebel Noise is super-psyched to host the premiere of “Acquainted With The Night”, the stark and brooding opening track from the album. McGuire is known for his riveting spoken word delivery and on this number he uses it to foreboding effect, stalking through poet Robert Frost’s classic poem in a baleful manner.

The tumultuous instrumentation is in direct contrast to McGuire’s shadowy vocal delivery, but the lively sonics mirror the undercurrent of anxiety that ripples through Frost’s poem and McGuire’s covert emotions.

Mascis’ searing guitar jags fly and then plummet, likes sharp cries in the night, amid Watt’s equally acrobatic, yet supple bass line. Hurley pushes through with a caffeinated rush of jittery drum strikes and cymbals agitation.

Unwilling to Explain was produced by Dan McGuire and Mike Watt and mastered by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering.

Pre-order Unwilling to Explain from ORG Music’s webstore:

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