Colorful Ohioan punk/funk/rock band Zoo Trippin’ unleashes a wild and exuberant track.

The wild ‘n’ fun dudes of Zoo Trippin’ will be unleashing a B-sides collection of tunes titled T-Sides soon, the 5th record release for the band. Rebel Noise has the mischievous joy of premiering the track “Ahh Shit!” off the LP.  As the act explains, “Ahh Shit! Is that feeling when everything goes wrong. It's a feeling we've all had. What better way to treat that misery than with some rock and roll!”  You’ll be rockin’ along, all while nodding your head in commiseration with the sentiments of this song.

Zoo Trippin’ are a Columbus, Ohio-based (by-way-of home planet “Rock-u-Lon”; if you must know the trippy details of how the band came into being, read more at their Facebook profile) punk/funk/blues-rock conglomeration consisting of a core that includes Tony Casa (Vocals, Harmonica, Hand Percussion), Lynn Roose (Guitar, Vocals), Steve Hatmaker (Drums, Vocals), James Bourne (Bass, Vocals), and Zachary "The Pontz" Pontzer (Guitar, Vocals), and is expanded by a bunch of frequent musical collaborators. 

The colorful outfit explain that T-Sides is a, “…collection of remixes, new songs, revived songs, and unique hits. Each track was recorded in a different studio and represents the eclectic nature of the band and its members,” of which “Ahh Shit!” is no exception!

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