Rock band Frame 42 unleash a vocally powerful and passionate track.

Hailing from Lapeer, Michigan, rock outfit Frame 42 deliver sincere and potent songs that are based in classic and hard rock, but are influenced by a myriad of other music genres.

The members of Frame 42 have been creating music for the past four years, and they showcase their chops on the vibrant new tune “Intervention.”

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of “Intervention” that features Heart-like powerhouse dual vocals and hard-hitting lyrics. The throwback ballad thrills with passionately sung harmonies set amid the intense rock ‘n’ roll instrumentation.

The subject matter of the song is as its title denotes, about someone in need of an intervention – their despair on hitting rock bottom, but also their hope in taking that first step towards working through their problems.

The band members divulge some details about “Intervention,” explaining, “We were thinking it would be wise to add a power ballad to our arsenal, so while writing the interlude to “Bittersweet,” Brock created the “Intervention” riff and we developed on that.”

“The meaning of the song centers around an intervention and how it connects to someone who is overwhelmed, while also reminding them to be grateful for what they have. Some cool production elements we used was blindfolding Michael (guitarist) for recording the main riff in order to focus and connect with the song.”

“While writing the speaking parts, Ava and Arianna heavily researched interventions themselves and studied film on how interventions occur. We chose this song because it is one of our ballads and we wanted to show more versatility and what we can do with a slower song.”

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