Musician Gina Volpe (Lunachicks, Bantam) unveils an alluringly foreboding track from a pandemic-crafted 3-song single.

After an unsettling pandemic-driven year, veteran NYC-based musician/composer/visual artist Gina Volpe returns with new music in the form of a three-song single Chaos Agent, with each number releasing one after the other.

The title aptly encapsulates the insidious nature of an invisible (to the naked eye) virus that has wreaked havoc worldwide in 2020 and is continuing a destabilizing path through 2021.

We all hunkered down in our residences to ride out the pandemic, only to realize that there’s no end in sight quite yet.

Known for her work as a member of the renowned punk band Lunachicks and power outfit Bantam, Volpe is also an acclaimed solo artist who has been releasing music over the past several years.

A planned Lunachicks reunion had to be scrapped in 2020, but Volpe is back with her own solo work. Instead of getting dispirited, Volpe decided to create amid the destruction, using the anxiety and unknowns of the pandemic as fodder for her new tunes.

With a DIY attitude, and production with Barb Morrison, Volpe mixes raw guitar-centered rock with peppier electronic elements on her tunes, and ties it all together with her alluring to foreboding vocal delivery.

Rebel Noise is stoked to host the premiere of the title track of her most recent effort. “Chaos Agent” showcases both sides of Volpe’s vocals – blending the seductive with the menacing on the starkly atmospheric song.

Pulsating electronics, jagged guitar grind, pattering percussion, and echoed drum thumps push the sinuous, yet raw “Chaos Agent” along, as Volpe winds her voice around the fiery industrial-tinged turmoil.

The theme of “Chaos Agent” is about a looming threat hovering over our otherwise everyday lives; an entity that can suddenly overtake our daily existence, just like the COVID-19 virus has done…

But the song also displays the resilient spirit and fertile imagination of Volpe, who, among other artists, is expressing herself creatively despite the impact of the pandemic and lockdown regulations.



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