Rock band Asterhouse delivers garage rock fuzz and catchy melodies on a vivid track from their upcoming LP.

Kenmore, WA trio Asterhouse can be fairly labeled as post-grunge, hard rock, and indie rock but their sound is bigger than any one genre. John Thornburg (vocals/drums), Russ Thornburg (guitar/vocals), and Julio Posada (bass/vocals) harness the power of retro garage chaos with a remarkable pop sensibility on their new LP Dead Victorians.   

Recorded at Robert Lang Studios and mastered at Resonant Mastering in Seattle, Dead Victorians (available July 14th) is heavy and melodic in equal measure, an epic rock collage of many eras and influences. John Thornburg’s vocals steer the ship, from fiery rants to delicate introspection, with the instrumentation following suit. The end result is a rich, compelling experience that takes the listener through the peaks and valleys of a band in full control of their dynamic.

In anticipation of the LP release, Asterhouse combine garage fuzz with smart pop hooks on the album’s first single “Mother Nature”. The song’s explosive instrumentation is contrasted with contemplative lyrics. Written about the fleeting quality of life, John Thornburg intones that “Mother Nature’s calling” as both a warning and a call to action. 







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