British punk band Havelocke drops a vivid and relentless new track from their upcoming EP.

Sheffield, England’s Havelocke is kicking up a sonic storm ahead of the band’s This Is Havelocke EP release on August 2nd via U.K. label Just Exist Records.

The punk outfit recently supported Holding Absence in Doncaster and dropped fiery first single “Faceless”. The next potent track, “Shudder”, gets its U.S. premiere here at Rebel Noise. It gives further insight into Havelocke’s distinctive sound and spirit.

Slamming drum strikes rapidly push the heavily burning jags of guitar, bottom-end bass line, and passionately exclaimed dual vocals forward at a relentless pace.

“Shudder’s lyrics [however] are oddly bittersweet,” says vocalist and guitarist Owen Cousins. “It’s about feeling like everything is going okay for once but feeling lost in that feeling, not really wanting to believe it and not knowing what to do with it.” 

The members of Havelocke (Cousins on vocals and guitar, Hope Thackray on guitar and backing vocals, Jack Taylor on drums, and Jacob Clark on bass and backing vocals) are all into the emo, punk, and hardcore genres and that shines through on their incendiary tunes, including “Shudder.”

To celebrate the EP’s release, Havelocke have lined up a show/party at The Church Temple of Fun venue in their hometown on July 26th.

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